Frequently Asked...and Answered


Where do you get those crazy ideas?

This is the most-asked question of any writer, bar none. My long-winded answer is here.


I heard you coach writers.

Yes. Some years ago I had an independent coaching and editing business, but Mercury Retrograde got too busy and I had to shut it down. I still coach Mercury Retrograde writers, and I occasionally participate in writing workshops at SFF cons. You can find a list of cons I'll be attending in the near future here.


Will you publish my book?

Maybe. Go look at our submission guidelines. If they read like what you wrote, follow the instructions there.


What advice do you have for writers just getting started in the business?

There's no one right way to build a career: every writer is different, and we all have different needs. What you need as a writer will dictate the best way to proceed; if you're writing works that don't fit the standard formula, that don't bear much resemblance to what you're seeing on the shelves in your local bookstore, you may find you need to look at small presses. If what you're doing is straight-up mainstream, you may want to consider larger houses. You can read more about these options and how to choose among them here.


Can you recommend an agent?

Should you decide an agent would benefit your career, the choice is a personal one: writers and agents must fit together in order to be effective. You can find good information on the reputations of various agents here.


Will you talk with my book club/writing group?

Schedule permitting, absolutely. I love talking with readers and writers. Get in touch with me here.


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